Thursday, May 27, 2010

She Thinks My Tractor's HOT (when it's 90*)

This morning my girls and I woke up in Gramling so we got to the farm early to see what was going on.  I needed new pictures and today was a great day to be there.  As it turns out - there was a regular grand prix of tractor driving going on before the rains this weekend.  Here's the line-up as we saw them.

Henry was working in the garden this morning on the G.  Something about rows and later planting peas.  I'm not sure I understood entirely - but this was his tractor of choice.  It's little and lean - but can put in a hard days work.
In my opinion it looks like you wouldn't be very hot on this tractor because there was a nice breeze at the farm today and the lack of body and extra metal makes me think... this was an early air conditioned tractor.  I could be wrong noticing that he's sitting above the engine... but I'm not sure.  We'll have to ask him.

Eric's tractor of the morning is the BIG John Deere.  I guess we could start singing another song about Big Green Tractors but we won't... at least not out loud.  You go right ahead.
Eric zoomed past me at tractor high speed to get some work done before the rains come in either tonight or tomorrow.  At first glance you think he's in a cab where he might have the luxuries of air and possibly radio... but that's your first glance.  He's not... and that hood makes it hotter because it's dark green and absorbs heat radiating it down on his head.  The side effect of such an environment is terrible.  If you've met Eric - you know what I'm talking about... but I'll just say that that much heat on your head might be hard on your hair.  :)

Last - but definitely not least in our lineup - here's Trey sporting the mid-size Kubota.  It's just right for an average day of work on the farm.

This tractor is what all tractors look like in my mind (or schema file as my mom says).  This tractor pulls 5 bin box trailers of peaches, it can be used to spray orchards, move irrigation pipes and equipment and of course - bush hog the fields.  Yes - this is the tractor of all tractors in my mind and Trey is just man of all men to be driving it this morning.

More to come about all they did with these machines later.  It's hot, my girls are asleep and I'd like to have a moment to myself before someone wakes up.


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